Everything You Need To Know About D4 Wood Glue!

What does D mean when it comes to adhesives? You must have found online that there are many products look alike but have D1, D2, D3, D4 written on them.

D stands for the durability. The number defines the bond strength of each adhesive. Higher the number, better the bond strength. D4 wood glue, specifically, have higher bond strength compared to others in its league and could be used in areas frequently exposed to water. It could be defined or understood as a multipurpose, water-resistant adhesive having high solid contents, which can be used for MDF, general assembly and lamination on particle board.

Features of a D4 wood glue:

1. Create strong bonds
2. Environmentally friendly
3. Water resistant
4. Easy to clean up
5. Suitable for constant water immersion.
6. Low timber staining

Where all you can use a D4 wood glue!

These wood adhesives can be used externally or internally on a surface. Its high solid contents ensure confident joinery trades between any two surfaces. The bond prepared by d4 wood glues is strong, permanent and temperature resistant, which makes it perfect for joinery use, woodworking, general bonding applications, RF/HF cure system, assembly line work, household DIY use, furniture assembly, wood on wood lamination, and much more.

Where can you find the best D4 wood glue?

Indubitably, there are multiple adhesives and adhesive tape suppliers available on the internet. Just by searching online, you get redirected to a number of suppliers but how would you ensure the quality? The easiest trick is by looking at reviews on the Google. Read, learn and know your d4 wood glue supplier before making a purchase.